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ABV: 17.1%
IBU: 77
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double
Abstrakt AB:09 Untappd Rating: 3.98 / 619
Out of Production
Description: AB:09 is a Cranachan Imperial Stout that was inspired by the famous Scottish desert, brewed with a mountain of dark malts, loads of oats, Scottish Heather Honey, local raspberries and has been aged in grain whisky casks. Brewed with some special guests: Gareth Young (who came up with the idea) along with our Scandinavian Top Dog Darren Packman, Per from Cask Sweden along with Stene and Rille from the acclaimed Akkurat in Stockhom. Whilst brewing, ingredients certainly tasted pretty spectacular. Raspberries dipped in honey, oats and cacao were a post lunch treat!
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