Using BeerXchange

BeerXchange is a platform for finding, collecting, trading, and tracking beer. We use the Untappd API for user authentication and beer data. Store your data in the cloud for easy reference on the go.

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Trading Beer

To find beer available for trade, visit the Trading Section. Enter beers you are Seeking or ISO (In Search Of) as well as Offers for trade.
When you find a match, make the user an offer they can't refuse! Your trading partner will receive an email with your offering and have the option to Accept, Reject, or otherwise respond.
Once you have negotiated an acceptable trade, pack your offering and enter your shipping information to update your trading partner.
Finally, rate your trading experience to give props where it is due and warn others when a trade goes bad.

Collecting Beer

First, create a collection and search to add beers you currently have. When viewing beer info:
= how many of this beer you have collected.
= a beer is on your Wish List.
= you have had this beer before.
You can edit the details of the beer for easy access later.
BeerXchange allows import of data via CSV file with the following columns: Beer, Brewery, Count, Price, Notes, Size, Bottle Date, Date Added, Location
Beer and Brewery names are sent to Untappd to find matching results. You choose the data that best matches your beer.
Collection beers have a ‘Drink By’ column at the end colored to indicate freshness. This can be edited by the user like any other field, but starts with some fixed logic for determining Drink By date and Freshness:

Green if today is > 1 week from Drink By Date
Yellow if today is < 1 week from Drink By Date
Red if today is after Drink By Date

Drink By Date starts using Bottled Date if provided, defaults to Date Added to the collection otherwise, then checks Style:

90 days added for IPA or Pale of any kind (imperial or otherwise).
120 days added for Lagers.
2 years added for Sours (Lambics, Gueuzes, etc)
Any beer not matching those specific Style criteria given time based on ABV:

150 days for ABV < 8
1 year for ABV between 8 and 10
2 years for ABV > 10

How To Trade Beer

First and foremost, trade at your own risk. Reputation is everything in trading circles. Invite Friends

to start trading, extend your circle as you meet trustworthy people. BeerXchange tracks all trades and user ratings. Check a person's ratings and feedback before starting a trade.

If you are new to trading start small by offering beers that are local to you that do not distribute widely. If you have access to whales you can easily trade for other highly sought after beers. Don't expect to land a whale on your first try.

Packing and Shipping

Packing materials are key. The goal is to keep the bottles from touching each other and make sure they are firmly in place. The box itself should be sturdy enough to withstand a drop or kick (it happens). Check out the supplies we recommend on

Suggested materials:
  • Gallon freezer bags for 22oz or 750ml beers
  • Quart freezer bags for smaller 12oz beers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Flat-rate shipping box
  • Bathroom scale
Professional shipping containers like Uline pulp shippers or foam shippers are the best option. Boxes from online retailers like CraftShack can be reused as well. Packing is all about preventing breakage and if breakage happens, preventing leaks. Damaged, leaking boxes may be returned or confiscated by the carrier. Put bottles in ziplock freezer bags, use bubblewrap and tape to make each bottle spill proof, or use a large plastic bag that covers everything inside the box. Weigh the fully packed box by using a bathroom scale and taking the difference of your weight vs. weight holding box.

Trading Tips

Do Not Ship United States Postal Service (USPS)

It is currently illegal to ship beer through the USPS. Always use FedEx, UPS, or some other service for domestic shipping.

International Shipping is extra expensive and risky

International shipping is exorbitantly expensive. The least expensive is USPS, for which beer shipping is illegal as we said above. The risk of customs intercepting and detaining your package is also greatly increased.

Setup your Shipment Online

You can weigh, pack, and label your package at home using most carrier websites. This will give you a tracking code you can share with your trading partner before you drop it off. UPS and FedEx can also pickup especially heavy packages for an extra fee.

Use Plain Brown Boxes for Shipping

Do not use boxes with beer or liquor logos. This will gain unwanted attention at the shipping company.

Do Not Ship in Extreme Weather

Many online beer retailers stop shipments when weather gets bad/ temperatures drop during Winter. Breakage and leakage becomes much more likely with extreme temperature fluctuations and UPS/FedEx are not using temperature controlled trucks. Avoid making beer shipments when temperatures dip below freezing.

Trade Value

The most difficult part of any trade, negotiating what a beer is worth. Dollar for dollar ($4$) is most fair for beer available for purchase from a store or brewery. Exceptions are aged and rare beers, see below.

Fresh is Best

Most beer is best consumed fresh, especially hoppy beers. Anything older than 30 days should be communicated and agreed upon with your trading partner.  Communication is key to any good trade.

Aged / Vintage Beer

Some beers are best with time added. Since time equals money, aged beers can command a higher value than their non-aged counterparts. If offering a vintage of a beer, make that clear to your trade partner. 

Rare Beer = $$$

Out of production, limited production, limited distribution. Many factors can add value to a beer. Landing these are difficult without your own equally rare beer in exchange. Best to start local and work your way up.

Extra Extra!

Extra beers are sometimes added to a trade. This is done to balance out trades, fill out boxes, suprise and delight, many reasons. DO NOT assume extras will be added to a trade. If you intend to add extras and wish to receive same, mention it to your trade partner.

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