3 Floyds Brewing | Munster, IN

Regional Brewery
3 Floyds Brewing https://assets.untappd.com/site/brewery_logos/brewery-2470_fbcd9.jpeg Untappd Rating: 3.997 / 2719542
Beer Count: 452
Description: Nick Floyd founded 3 Floyds in a Hammond, Indiana, garage in 1996. The then-small brewery with the "It's Not Normal" motto set out to stand out with bold, aggressive, highly hopped beers. In 2000, 3 Floyds moved to nearby Munster, Indiana, and added a brewpub a few years later. Led by brands like Alpha King, Dark Lord, Dreadnaught, Gumballhead and Zombie Dust, 3 Floyds has grown into a world-class brewery, earning many accolades, awards and top rankings from world-recognized organizations and beer geeks alike. 3 Floyds has built an elite team of brewers, packagers, engineers and hospitality pros to continue cranking out the best beer possible.
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